Hexawise Recent Updates

June 13, 2018


Parameter value replacement in auto-scripts expected results

For a situation in your auto-scripts like the following:

Step 2: Select Audit Schedule Type as {Audit Schedule Type}

Expected result: When Audit Schedule Type is Premium Reports Then Additional fields are not hidden and user should fill them as follows: Payment Plan Code should be {Payment Plan Code} select “{Schedule Basis}” from the Schedule Basis dropdown

Without the ability to include a parameter replacement such as {Schedule Basis} and {Payment Plan Code} in the expected result, creating the desired auto-script was not as easy and straight forward as it should be.


June 11, 2018


Added font icons to network test page

An 8th test to make sure browser settings are ready for effective use of Hexawise.



Regression in “Your Plans” dialog

Error in specific cases when opening the “Your Plans” dialog without a plan already open.


May 30, 2018


Update minimum browser version support

New minimum browser versions are:

  • IE 10
  • Safari 11
  • Edge 40
  • Firefox 50
  • Chrome 50

May 29, 2018


Visual design of export dialog

In addition to the improved visuals, Hexawise’s export capabilities received all new plumbing under the covers to better support customer specific custom export options, and to set the stage for additional export formats that are being worked on.


May 25, 2018


Updated privacy and terms of service for GDPR compliance


May 22, 2018


Glitch with test cases table in Firefox

The test case # column would lose alignment with long parameter names on Firefox (pairwise defect).


May 18, 2018


Prevent email scanners from activating email validation link

Added a step to the new user email validation process to prevent early activation by aggressive email monitoring systems that access the link.



Replace “Back to Plans” button in project dialog with a link in the title bar

This is both an improved user experience (there are no longer 2 primary buttons competing for your attention) and addresses a bug where the button goes away with a certain sequence of user actions.


May 14, 2018


Plan dialog regression with pairwise roots

Fixed a pairwise defect in the new feature of showing the project the plan belongs to when opening the “Your Test Plans” dialog for the first time. If you happen to be in a read-only sample plan, the “Your Sample Test Plans” project wouldn’t be found in the list of your projects, and the dialog would hang.



Escaped HTML shown in read-only plan dialog



Mouse over tooltips could stick around after closing modal dialogs which invoked them


May 11, 2018


Import failure warning and details when importing into an existing plan

The same useful feedback from an unsuccessful import wasn’t available when importing into an existing plan, but now it is.


May 9, 2018


Regression in copying sample plans



Defect editing parameter name with special character sequence in bulk edit

This was an interesting 3-way defect involving a certain type of data, “(?)” in the name, a certain operation, updates, and a certain mode of the operation, bulk edit.

For the curious, “(?)” proved problematic as it interfered with a regular expression being used to handle the edit request.



There’s now a hint for the useful CTRL + Enter keyboard shortcut of Define Inputs bulk edit


May 8, 2018


Create a new project workflow

After creating a new project, you’re now brought to the share dialog as the next step, rather than the “Your plans” dialog.


May 7, 2018


Open plan dialog in the currently active project

When working on a test plan in a project, the “Your plans” dialog now opens to that project by default, rather than to “Your plans”.


April 26, 2018


Sample import file updated to latest format



Import file explanation dialog formatting was glitched


April 25, 2018


Warning when navigating away from bulk edit with unsaved changes

This warning had stopped working as a regression.



Number of interactions tooltip

The # of interactions tooltip shows “null” when there are no “any valid values” (purple italics) in the generated test. It’s rare to have none, but quite possible. A classic of the pairwise defect genre.


April 18, 2018


Wording of the “largest” parameters tip in the plan scorecard for mixed-strength tests



Minor formatting issue in parameter length warning dialog

A parameter length warning dialog that appears when parameters are created with eight or more values.

The first issue was that the word ‘parameters’ was always pluralized, even if there was only one parameter listed.

The second issue was that we were showing the actual array (as in “[OS, Browser]”) instead of a list of the array’s elements in the dialog.


April 16, 2018


Help link doesn’t work in Internet Explorer