Not just another "IE6 Must Die" post...

By Justin Hunter · May 14, 2010

While I wouldn't describe myself as a blanket "Microsoft hater," I have developed a no-holds-barred hatred of IE6. Our Hexawise test generation tool doesn't support it (and we have no plans to unless the surprisingly high number of our target clients in financial service firms, government agencies and buggy-whip manufacturing who are requesting IE6 support make it too financially painful for us to continue to stand on principle).

As an unapologetic IE6-hater, it made me smile to watch and listen to Scott Ward sing his witty and original song "IE is being mean to me." Enjoy.



A tip of the hat to Chris McMahon, an impressively knowledgeable software tester who played the bass professionally in bands for years, who alerted me to this gem.